Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can make you feel more positive, happier, confident and transform your life.

In surgery teeth whitening

One of the most popular cosmetic treatments today is teeth whitening. Depending on the degree of discoloration, tooth whitening can be performed in the dental practice or in conjunction with home treatments. In surgery, teeth whitening lightens the teeth using a photosensitive gel, which is painted onto the teeth. The whole process takes around one hour.
Your gums must be healthy and teeth plaque and stain free for best results.

At home teeth whitening

A customised mouth guard into which you add a small amount of whitening gel is worn overnight and after one to two weeks your teeth will gradually lighten. The home kit can also be used to give even more whitening after in-surgery whitening if required.

Both treatments are completely safe but can only be prescribed by a professional. In surgery whitening, like home-whitening, it may be possible to achieve a change in the colour of your teeth by up to eight shades. However, the benefit of in-surgery whitening is the speed it takes to get results.


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